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V-Ray for Rhino

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V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino Learning Videos

Quick Start: Get up and running quickly with V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino.

Learn how to set up your first presentation ready product design rendering quickly and easily. This video will cover all of the key strategies to create beautiful V-Ray renderings quickly and easily.

V-Ray RT Rendering: Learn about interactive rendering with V-Ray RT in V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino.

Interactive responses and a streamlined scene composition with CPU and GPU ray tracing up to 30 times faster from directly inside the Rhino viewport.

In this video you will learn how to use V-Ray RT to your advantage. Youll quickly see how V-Ray RT can save many rounds of rendering, speed up your product delivery and allow you to focus more on your design work.

V-Ray RT Learning Video

V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino Now Available

V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino / SP2

V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino Service Pack 2 Now Available

  V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino Service Pack 2 Now Available

V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino Service Pack 2 is now available for download.

New Features

  • Batch Render plugin is now installed with V-Ray for Rhino -this allows the user to queue up files/views to be rendered in a batch process.
  • New command called "visReapplyMaterialFromName" to reapply materials that might be missing from the object, but still in the 3dm file.
  • Added "Show in viewport" to TexBitmap UI in the "Texture manipulation" box. This will let you control which textures will be visible in the Rhino viewport.
  • Added "GPU device select" to the tools available in our start menu group.
  • We now show the bump map in the rendered viewport
    • - need to enable "Use advance GPU lighting" option in the render mode.

  • New Toolbar button for Batch Render, Guess Lens Shift, Edit material and set Focus Point.
  • Now you can pack all the materials in the V-Ray material editor by right clicking on the "Scene Materials".

Modified Features

  • Faster material application when RT is running.
  • When clicking the RT button during an RT render it now automatically refreshes the scene.
  • Faster Proxy export and creation.
  • Optimized memory performance for faster render times.
  • Added "multiply by opacity" to the emissive layer.
  • Adding new VRayBRDF layers to a Standard Material is now added under existing Diffuse layer.
  • On the System panel of our V-Ray Options Editor you will now notice "Default Geometry" as a choice in the raycaster parameters. We default to "Auto", which means we will choose to make groups/instances that are heavily used as dynamic geometry to save RAM.
  • Faster RT updates with proxy geometries.
  • Two sided mat default color now 128,128,128.
  • Spotlight multiplier changed from 30 to 1.
  • RGB and Alpha will show above any custom render channels.
  • Optimized distributed rendering code for faster DR startups.
  • New Defaults - now we have an HDRI on the environment.
  • Added a numerical slot to better control the amount of vignetting.
  • You can now render Sun lights to custom render channels.
  • Modified Lens effects to default to a glare type of "from camera parameters" rather than "from image".
  • New VFB channels:
    • DR Buckets
    • VRayMtl Reflection Glossiness
    • VRayMtl Reflection Highlight Glossiness
    • VRayMtl Refraction Glossiness

  • New command "visRenderBlowup" - Allows you to do a region render at full output resolution.
  • Modified how environment is calculated, this should not affect existing scenes. However the override per material GI is not working. Therefore the option is removed from the UI.
  • Added SetMaterialParameterFloat, SetMaterialParameterBool, SetMaterialParameterInteger to Rhinoscript interface.
  • Added checkbox to only render full material ( as opposed to selected layers ) in material preview. So now you can render the whole material even if you are in a material layer when preview it.
  • TIFF files will now be saved as 16-bit images by default.
  • Added Light Paint to HDR Light Studio Dialog window.
  • Add visConvertRhinoMat to convert Rhino Materials into V-Ray for Rhino Materials.
  • You can now remove materials from our material editor using the "delete" key.
  • Added 16:9 range of default output sizes.
  • Added warning messages for when VfR saves out a dome light with an HDRLS temp file.
  • Removing duplicated parameters from the UI ( photon emit distance for Sun).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where duplicating a material with only zeros for a number, like "Color_000", would potentially use names of other existing materials.
  • Refraction glossiness "affect alpha" should work as expected.
  • TexCellular should now work when used as a displacement.
  • Fixed issue that prevented sun position from updating in RT when not using English locale.
  • Lens effects now work with DR.
  • The VFB will now opens above other windows when a render starts.
  • We now support all of the settings in the proxy export dialog.
  • Optimized the process of writing out Proxy files.
  • Fixed issue that would prevent textures from being written for materials that named with < >.
  • Fixed issue where saving an image to the render history would sometimes crash.
  • Fixed issue where missing bitmap texture could make geometry render as transparent if "Use color texture as transparency" is enabled.
  • Fixed issue where material previews can restart RT.
  • Modified how our UI calculates its minimum size, this should help it display better without being cutoff when you using a windows accessibility to set magnified view.
  • Fixed issue where saving a png from an RT render would be black.
  • Fixed issue where changing materials with displacement would cause a RT freeze or crash.
  • Fixed issue that would prevent proxy files from being included in packed scene archives.
  • Render history should now accept unicode ( non-latin alphabets like Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, etc) folder path.
  • We now correctly handle from parent and from layer material source on blocks.
  • Fixed the Ghost Geometry with Proxy Blocks.
  • Fixed texture not being updated when texture mapping was modified.
  • RenderWindow now is working correctly.
  • Fixed issue RT with region render not working properly.
  • Fixed Proxy blocks not updating when running RT.
  • Fixed Update in RT when Rhino Sun Light when change (and Sun Light is used with TexSky).
  • Camera parameters changes no longer screw up lock viewport RT options.
  • RT now Update CameraDOF and a few other settings.
  • Fixed Bug in environment preset options.
  • LDR and RGB Color correction mode is now working correctly with VRayBRDF.
  • Fixed issue where IES files or other external files may not be found properly during RT.
  • Fixed issue that would prevent texture references from being updated when set to None.
  • Fixed the issue related to V-Ray allow assigning material even if there is a material of the same name.
  • Fixed sun getting lost.
  • Rotating the Rhino Document Sun now updates RT.
  • Fixed issue where files where losing options and materials.
  • Fixed issue where RT renders were being stopped even if the user did not specify "Stop when render done".
  • Fixed issue where changing direct light intensity during RT GPU won't work correctly.
  • Fixed issue where multiple lights being selected would cause the values of all the lights to be shared even if no change was made.
  • Fixed issue where RT was not updating properly when changing "Override focal distance" in DOF settings.
  • Fixed issue where RT CPU renders did not have Alpha channel set properly.
  • Fixed issue where DOF was not working properly in production renders.
  • Fixed issue where environment repeat was not working as expected.
  • Fixed issue where reflection exit color was being used even if "Enable exit color" was turned off.
  • Fixed issue where less buckets are used when "Use Local Machine" uncheck.
  • Fixed issue related to a gray out in the Sun UI.
  • Fixed issue where "SaveRenderWindowAs" was failing for us when unicode (not latin) characters were passed such as or , etc.
  • Fixed the issue where the Material ID and Node ID render channels were affected by transparency.
  • Fixed issue where render out of VFB boundaries.
  • Fixed the issue where RT updates objects when material is renamed.
  • Fixed issue where reflection maps were affecting other layers even if reflections were globally disabled.
  • Fixed issue that caused FOV overrides to be capped at 180 degrees if physical camera was turned on. 360 panoramic image allowed with Physical camera.
  • Fixed issue where incorrect tooltip was displayed for file browser controls.
  • Fixed issue where exporting selection to multiple vrmesh files was generating the incorrect multi material.
  • Fixed issue that caused RT to refresh when saving or autosaving a 3dm.
  • Fixed some freeze with RT.
  • Fixed anti-aliasing issue with material ID.
  • Fixed issue that prevent to change the sun size using the light properties.
  • Fixed issue where Rhino was losing its focus after a dome light creation.
  • Fixed bug with mapping in DomeLight and HDRL.
  • Fixed issue where an object without toon material get toon lines if they are camera intercepting the objects with toon material.
  • Fixed the issue where enabling bump mapping without supplying a map affect the render and produce unacceptable result.
  • Fixed the issue where batch render tool pauses until response is made when the linked blocks are loaded in a file. This dialog should be skipped when running the batch render tool.
  • Optimize file saving with color correction curves.
  • Fixed the issue where flipping a surface while RT is running crash Rhino.
  • Fixed issue where old scenes could lose their options in certain situations.
  • Fixed issue where emissive layer color was not being properly gamma corrected in some cases.
  • Fixed issue with Save All Channels crashing.
  • Fixed the issue where duplicate light by dragging it, produce a blank Texture Editor.
  • Fixed issue where texture editor drops behind Rhino when closing other modal dialogs.
  • Fixing issue that caused toon materials to crash or stall RT renders.
  • Fixed, Purge unused material deleting sub materials.
  • Fixed issue that could cause DR renders to hang when attempting to cancel, especially in scenes with proxies or displacement.
  • Fixed issue that causes RT in Viewport to change output settings.
  • Fixed issue where DR nodes would occasionally hang during animations - this fix requires updating dr spawners!
  • Using ctrl+a to select all VFB Channels in our UI should now work as expected.
  • HDRLS Environment Mode is working now.
  • Fixed the issue that prevent rhino material to render properly.
  • Fixed issue where changing viewport mode during in-viewport RT render would fail to properly shutdown the render.
  • Fixed issue that caused RT to refresh when selecting materials, or updating material previews.
  • Fixed issue that caused black renders if the image filter was disabled, this caused the material/texture previews to render black.
  • Fixed issue where V-Ray material have missing textures if they were in a network.
  • Fixed issue where material preview would crash during a product or rt render.
  • Fixed issue where custom render channels were showing up incorrectly in our channel picker window.
  • Fixed issue where the V-Ray channel had the wrong color mapping.

V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino Service Pack 2 Now Available

Buy V-Ray for Rhino
Buy V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino

V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino includes many new features and improvements, including V-Ray RT GPU, V-Ray Material, VRMats Library, HDR Light Studio Live Support, Animation Support, 64-bit Rendering, And many more!

View Product Page

Educational Editions

Buy V-Ray for Rhino EDU

The EDU edition provides students and Universities an educational discount.

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Buy V-Ray for Rhino EDU Lab Bundle

This product is only available to Faculty members. Please note that this product cannot be used for commercial purposes, and will only be supplied with 1 licensing dongle and 15 (1 Platform) EDU licenses. It is intended for use in a classroom environment.

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Featured V-Ray for Rhino Rendering

Featured V-Ray for Rhino Rendering

Rendering by Lucas Flip

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